Il bello è una manifestazione di arcane

leggi della natura, che senza l'apparizione di esso

ci sarebbero rimaste eternalmente celate

- Goethe -

La bellezza risplende nel cuore di colui

che ad essa aspira più che negli occhi

di colui che la vede

- Khalil Gibran -

La bellezza è come ci si sente dentro,

e si riflette negli occhi

- Sophia Loren -

- World Dermatologic Research -

WDR was established in 2004 to create and formulate its own preparations that have as substratum the experience of more than 25 years in the daily practice of aesthetic medicine, remaining outside of commercial impositions and constraints. The Idea that World Dermatologic Research bears is born from the need to let every expert of well-being science know what the field has new to offer, and on these basis create new and scientific proved solutions that satisfy the needs of every practitioner that operate in the field of prevention and treatment of skin ageing.


- I nostri prodotti -

Mandel Barcode System

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Princess® Filler

Princess® FILLER is a monophasic, reticulated gel implant based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. It is a universal product and appropriate for different aesthetic treatments such as the correction of moderate facial wrinkles and lines as well as the enhancement of lip volume. The osmolality and the pH value are adjusted to physiological conditions […]

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Mandel X

A Peeling Solution containing Mandelic Acid, Citric Acid, Quercetin and Phytic Acid. Mandelic Acid is clinically proven to provides intense hydration and skin smoothing effects without irritation. Mandel X is in-office chemical peel procedure performed by skincare physician. INDICATIONS Has specific indications for the treatment of moderate photo-aging, acneic and seborrheic skin with dilated pores. […]

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