Il bello è una manifestazione di arcane

leggi della natura, che senza l'apparizione di esso

ci sarebbero rimaste eternalmente celate

- Goethe -

La bellezza risplende nel cuore di colui

che ad essa aspira più che negli occhi

di colui che la vede

- Khalil Gibran -

La bellezza è come ci si sente dentro,

e si riflette negli occhi

- Sophia Loren -

- Company -

World Dermatologic Research Srl is a young and dynamic Italian company specialized in the production of dermo-cosmetic products.The company is founded in the year 2004 from the idea to focus its studies on the Mandelic Acid, introducing the product in the national and international market.

The company’s mission is to let everybody in the field of aesthetic medicine know the beneficial properties of the Mandelic Acid combined with other well known peeling acids in the cure of determined skin pathologies, avoiding negative effects caused from traditional treatments.

The political development of WDR has always been orientated towards a constantly impulse to research, to experimentation and creation of innovative formulas. Researching in safety, quality and responding to the needs of a modern society with the obligation of innovation and revision of our products within every six months.Partners of WDR are important doctors and researchers who constantly deepen the study of the products using the most modern laboratories for the production of the products.

All our products are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure stability and tolerability dermatological safety and efficacy over time. Currently the WDR operates throughout the country through an extensive network of distributors and agents, and their synergistic action with capillary headquarters provides full coverage of the entire peninsula.The distribution of products is associated with a service before and after the sale to ensure the complete satisfaction of the customer.

The production is directed at doctors specializing in dermatology and product knowledge is diffused among the medical profession due to the action by medical coordinated by the commercial center of Rome and constantly assisted by the Marketing department.Despite being in existence for less than a decade, WDR participates in the most important conferences of dermatology and aesthetic medicine where in both Italian and international conferences studies and clinical work are presented and conducted by their scientific advisors, earning accolades from part of the entire medical community due to the quality of products, seriousness, reliability and organization of the company.

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